New Dental Insurance

The membership voted to make the change to the Dental Insurance that was proposed by BOCES. With 92 total votes, 89 yes and 3 no votes the proposal has passed. Coverage will begin with the new vendor on July 1st.

A note from Denise Varsik in HR:
Just remind members to send me the names of their dental provider if they are not in the provider directory; we can compile a list and ask The Standard to reach out to the providers to see if they are willing to participate. I also encourage employees to speak to their dental offices to ask if they would consider participating in the Ameritas dental network. It never hurts to inquire – BOCES is a very large employer in the area, it carries weight. Also, some of your members were trying to be proactive and do a provider search themselves, and wanted to know which network…it is Classic PPO.

Any questions regarding your coverage can be directed to Robin Eccleston in HR.

Thank you for your vote.

Dental Provider Directory
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